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The Come We Grow Mission

Come We Grow is an inspiring, immersive showcase of a creative approach to environmentalism.

Acclaimed musicians, MCs, artists and activists come together to awaken the eco-conscience through music, song, dance and collaboration.

Come We Grow is curated to educate and entertain, offer a spiritual space to offer a grounded and practical everyday magic and intuitive well-being to flourish.

The team is passionate about the health and realignment of the body,  demystifying the growing food and living in a way more connected to the Earth and to each other.


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Come We Grow also works to revive, celebrate and activate ancient reciprocal Earth practices of the Ancestors. Also, to champion and raise awareness around the invisibilized ecological, embodied knowledge and environmentalism of marginalised and migrants settler communities in the UK.

Our aim is to create community moments that inspire Love of the Earth and Nature in action and build a network of like-minded people who believe in a better future - a future where there is reciprocity and collaboration are default mode of connection, where learning is fun and communal, and where arts and culture is the vehicle not only for upliftment and entertainment, but also for encouraging collective and personal power.


What is experienced and learned at Come We Grow is always applicable to every day lives. That is our mission. 

Come We Grow a chance for everyone, regardless of language, culture or knowledge of environmentalism, to come together and have fun and be inspired.

Come We Grow

Come We Grow

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