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  Session Schedule 

Want a downloadable version of Sunday 31st October's schedule? And get more info about Come We Grow, fill out the form below

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1.30pm Welcome & Beyond The Veil

Insight into the role of a power of understanding the cycle pf life and death. Amasade is a Death Doula and will give us insight into the ceremonial rituals that respect the passing of the living into the next realms.

with Amasade
1.30pm  Permaculture & People Care
with KMT The Freedom Teacher

Mulching with public (Putting the garden to rest)

With the growth of food growing globally, especially in light of lockdown, Permaculture is one of the leading design systems that works in harmony with nature as opposed to working against it.


In will hold an open discussion around creating ecosystems for grassroots communities; applying permaculture principle 11 - "Use Edges and Value the Marginal making communities more diverse, inclusive and resilient.

3.10pm Ceremony Of Light
with Optiks Hamilton

Samhain, Halloween, Day of the Dead and All Souls Day are 3 of the most magical day in our calendar. 
As the leaves fall off and nature recedes. Let us tap into and become more aware and at one with our Ancestors who live within us, and who we represent here in this three-dimensional reality, we call Earth, time andspace. 
Bring, simple food or maybe drink offerings, fruit perhaps, or as a gift to your esteemed elders, you hold in high regard in your mother and father bloodline / dearest departed orfriends even. Recollect stories you hold dear and share collectively as we gather around the pit fire.

4.50pm Nature Persists:
Radical Rest & Fire Cleansing
with Zena Edwards 

Nature persists re-members the value of human's relationship with the Earth.  At this Come We Grow we will speak/write, sketch about the need for rest in this  extractivist, profit and product over people culture of existence.


Also with a simple mindful fire ritual we will burn away and release the old thought processes for rejuvenating reflection, and for methods to restore ourselves over the winter period. Ready for Spring.

Enjoy creative and poetic writing,  sketching, oracle cards

Art resources provided with a donation.

7pm - 8pm
Spiritual Transformation Zone:


Astrology manifested in my life as the continuation of earned stripes and badges, not necessarily acquired from this lifetime. Astrology chose me. 

I've had a long fascination and curiosity with the occult and metaphysical practices since a teenager.

Astrology is a spiritual practice for a deeper understanding of self-purpose soul origins beyond birth, previous incarnations, and true identity.

Limited reading slots up to 15mins. Signing up early recommended. Readings start at 8pm. Recommended donation £5 minimum.

7pm - 8pm
Spiritual Transformation Zone:


Tarot and Oracle card readings by Zena, Creator of Poet’s Tarot Corner, 'I’m from an ancestral line of intuitive card and tea-leaf readers. I naturally use poetic approaches to enter and interpret the cards, finding refreshing and profound insights which help us to rethink and re-imagine the meaning of our life purpose and sense of direction. 

Limited reading slots up to 15mins so it's recommended to sign up early. Readings start at 8pm. Recommended donation £5 minimum.

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