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The Team

Who We Are. What We Do.

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Ian "KMT" Solomon Kawall

Founder | Hip Hop Artist

KMT (an abbreviation for Kemit) is a South Londoner, rapper, gardener, educator, mentor and co-founder of community-led food growing space May Project.

Ian's non-exhaustive passion for the environment and nature to entertain and educate inspired him to found Hip Hop Gardens. HHG is a leadership programme that mentors young people using the powerful words and rhythms of Hip Hop music, around issues of global food security and local food growing systems,

and conservation


 With over 20 years of experience leading positive social change and raising awareness for a multitude of social issues, Ian galvanises his vision for an inclusive and creative future within a city landscape.

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Zena Edwards

Poet | Tarot Reader

For 27 years, Zena has been a professional writer/poet performer, facilitator, creative project developer.


Through poetry, music and arts activism project, Zena is an independent artist advocate for climate and environmental issues, decolonisation, equality and equity.

With a strong belief that creativity is the immune system of the mind, Zena champions art and tarot for reconnection to nature to intuition, embodiment and well being.

She is the founder of The Fury Project (tapping the transformative power of anger), Poets Tarot Corner, and is creative and educational director of Verse In Dialog, a not-for-profit alternative arts or education producer.

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Optiks Hamilton

Astrologer | Film Maker

Optiks is an Astrologer, documentary filmmaker, garden project maker.  manifested as a calling in 1995.

For Optiks, Astrology is a spiritual practice for a deeper understanding of self-purpose soul origins beyond birth, previous incarnations, and true identity.

As a qualified professional astrologer he founder Interplanetary Gateways in 2013 to offer a range of astrological services, from understanding one’s child future gifts and challenges, to how to form better relationships, to insights in future trends in a business

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Vic Blackshaw

Authentic Holistic Living

V, or Vic, is the Founder of VWellness. After a huge life change between 2019-2020, V carved out a new path dedicated to authenticity, sound healing, soul purpose and supporting her community. She finds comfort and peace in nature, meditation, writing, loose leaf tea, dancing, her singing bowls, wild swimming, reading, cooking, life modelling and taking photos.

VWellness is a multi-service health company, with a focus on wellness and personal development. We offer a range of services, with wellness at our core: certified Sound Therapy, Mindfulness Coaching, Workplace Wellness, Women's Circles and Wellness Event Operations.

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Vicky Maddox

Sound Gong & Sauna Practitioner

Vicky is an experienced sound bath healer and cofounder of The Nature Spa.  

is passionate about bringing the health benefits of Sauna Bathing directly to your home, holiday home, private lake, outdoor swim space, festival or beach.

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