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A Halloween, Day of the Dead, Honouring Our Ancestors Special

No upcoming events at the moment

As the leaves fall off and nature recedes and feeds and nourishes the roots, we also nourish and feed or living family tree.

We enter our planning phase and cycle, in preparation for the opposing cycle of generative growth.


The Venue

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KATA KATA originates from the Cameroonian dialect of Douala, meaning to be creative in overcoming challenges in the face of difficulty.               

A healthy meal doesn’t need to break your bank account, it’s about being efficient and creative with the resources you have.

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This Come We Grow is in partnership with Evagel, Kata kata's owner, and the community garden behind the restaurant where there will be workshops on well being through reconnecting with nature.

All Come We Grow events are themed by the seasons of the year so we gather the natures wisdom through cycles we can relate with. Click for Sunday 31st October workshop schedule. 

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132 Brixton Hill 
SW2 1RS 

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Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 21.55.13.png
Identity and Sustainability Through Music and Performance. Come We Grow is an inspiring, immersive fundraiser of our creative approach to natural city living.

Come We Grow started at Café Cairo in 2019 as a chilled evening of film, live performance, DJs, vegan food, and other cultural and environmentally conscious activities that build community.

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In 2021, Come We Grow will be Reloaded in partnership with Kata Kata, Vegan and Pescatarian Food Spot on Brixton Hill, South London.



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Image by Jeremy Thomas

Listen Up!

Offerings from the Come We Grow Team

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